Sunday, June 13, 2010

I decided to have a whiff of fresh air from another blogging host - Wordpress.
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Thursday, June 03, 2010

If you haven't caught "Prince of Persia", go catch it! I personally like it for its effects, story line and great ending. There were some quote-worthy moments too.
Though Jake Gyllenhaal was the star, I think Ben Kingsley, who acted as his uncle in the movie, stole the show with his convincing acting.

In one of the scenes, Jake Gyllenhaal's character was speaking to his elder brother, and his older brother related this line to him when the truth is revealed. I try to paraphrase because I can't remember the whole line.

"A king can seek counsel from many, but he knows what to do in his heart."

The gist of the quote, as I remember, is that we can seek advice from many, but in his heart, he should know what is the right course to pursue.

After I graduate, I hear so many people advising me about what to do.

"Perhaps, you should try applying a job at XXX organisation? The pay is not bad."
"You should continue your studies while you are still young"
"How about coming in to XXX organisation? It should be beneficial to you."
"What do you want to do in life ultimately? Oh... this? Then, you should start doing it now."

Do I know what is in my heart then? I prayerfully say, I do. (:

Following the education system throughout the whole of my life, it has always been one stage after another, with a fair bit of certainty. However, my university graduation reminds me that it is no longer about travelling on the road most taken anymore. It's time to carve out my own road and shape my own destiny for the Lord!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

I am soooo dead tired. Busy, busy, super-packed June!
And it's not even my official work life. I doubt work life is going to be like THAT.

But I won't let this lethargy sacrifice my time with the Lord. God's word will be my strength and joy.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Euphoric - that's the best word that can describe my moment right now!
You know, before I checked my final semester results, I already started praying to God last week for them. Persistent prayers was the key thing that I learned last week in church and in my QT, so yes, I prayed every day, until this Tuesday. I told God that I really REALLY want to have good grades, especially since it's my final semester. The moment before I clicked on the website to check my grades, I told God that if I get disappointing results, I will choose to praise Him and asked Him for strength to help me carry on.

And so, I clicked, and the following screen appeared!

Note the SECOND CLASS HONOURS (UPPER DIVISION)! You know how grateful to the Lord I am? Because, first of all, my CGPA is actually 3.97 and thus, this semester will determine if I get a second lower or second upper honours. God gave me a jump of 0.3 for my final semester and in the end, my CGPA became 4.00, which is just right for a second upper honours! HOW PERFECT. You know, this showed me that God's grace is just right, just right - just sufficient =)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

As I am posting these photos of my trip to Penang, I am salivating. If you all want a short getaway where you can eat a lot of cheap and yummy food, just fly to Penang! But don't visit a really famous hawker stretch (don't know whether it is Love Lane or New Lane?) on Wednesday night as the stalls will be closed.

Oh my... this is like the best prawn mee ever!! It is spicy and the prawn broth... Indescribably rich! We were saying it's better than the one at BLOCK 3! Plus point: It costs only RM$3 per bowl and that's less than SGD$1.50!

Clearing up our plates on our first dinner at Penang! It is super good because you can see how clean our plates are. We shared everything!

Check it out! Peace and Joy coffeeshop! Hahaha! Wouldn't be surprised if the owner is a Christian (:

*cue 小娘惹主题曲* This is the Peranankan Museum where they filmed Channel 8's "Little Nonya"

Yours truly on the Peranakan Thinking Chair. They even have a Kissing/Couple Chair! Haha... the Peranakans are such interesting people.

We're the nonyas and babas... check out the intricate carvings on the doors! This is their dining hall

My favourite authentic Penang chendol revisited. HAPPY!!!

Check out the A&W at Gurney Plaza! We had curly fries, waffles and root beer float. Really, please A&W, can you please come back. If Dunkin' Donuts can make a comeback, why not yoooooooo.

We also went to watch a movie - Ip Man 2 in Cantonese! But anyway, they have English, Malay and Chinese subtitles, so no worries about not understanding Canto. We were queuing for popcorn. Guess how much's the movie tickets? Only RM$6 which is a mere SGD$2.60 (approx) for a ticket. CRAZY INSANE!!!!

Apparently this hotel located near Gurney Drive, called G Hotel is 6-star. We went to crash their hotel lobby. Hahaha

A very angry car - note the cursing and swearing on the car plate. We laughed our heads off!

Piping hot bak kut teh after our Gurney Drive dinner (which in my humble opinion, wasn't the most most fantastic). Five of us had this big claypot of soup to share whilst the guys ordered a bowl of rice each. It costs less than RM$30 if I never remember wrongly.

A unique 3-layer drink JM ordered which I will one day hope to replicate. The bottom-most layer is sticky gula melaka, the middle - condensed milk and the topmost layer - milk tea. It screams THOUSANDS OF CALORIES! But when you're in Penang, my suggestion is to forget about calories and just eat!

The very expensive breakfast at a beehoon place near our hotel - Sunway Georgetown on our last day. The big big prawn is pretty good but I wouldn't suggest anyone coming here if they are only left with less than RM$50 on their last day.

The view from our hotel room. Pretty impressive ah?

Here ends my entry on my Penang trip. It is truly a foodie's paradise! I'll definitely go back again when I feel like pigging out again. Yummilicious. Slurp slurp.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Don't judge a book by its cover!
Yawns. So now you think I'm going to talk about something boring, something that has been said over and over again, something cliché. But have you considered? It's a cliché only because this saying has been tested and proven to be true, that's why it has been repeated and repeated again!

So yes, I am here to talk about not judging a book by its cover.

Have you noticed that we tend to ascribe certain qualities to a person before we even know the person well? For instance, when we see a stranger who always talks loudly and attracts attention, wouldn't we immediately label him/her a bimbo/loudmouth/showoff?

Or how about you hear something negative about someone, you would assume that person is like that - engaging in what we would say, static evaluation, presuming that the person will FOREVER be like that. What's the worst thing is that you don't know this person personally, you haven't heard the person's side of the story and then you evaluate the person negatively.

That's why I hate gossip (ie. talking bad about someone behind one's back). You can justify that it is just a casual talk, but unwittingly, the person whom you are gossiping with will begin to put inaccurate labels on that someone you are talking about.

So, what I've learned is, if I do not know the person well, I should suspend my judgment. So yep, don't come with gossips for me because I will hate to listen to them. I will not fully believe you unless I've seen it happening before my own eyes. I have also learned not to judge a person by his/her appearance. A person who dresses very elaborately doesn't mean he/she is snobbish, neither is a person who dresses very shabbily, lazy and stupid.

I guess it's a hard lesson but I'm trying to suspend my own judgments nowadays, because I've seen how premature judgments affect communication processes, obstructing us from fully understanding and enjoying the other party. It is a pity.

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